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S. Michele & Appiano

S. Michele & Appiano

Many small hamlets: The three main villages and many small hamlets have one thing in common, they are really cosy

St. Michael, with its pedestrian centre, is particularly charming. The landmark of St. Pauls is the impressive church, which is also known as the cathedral in the country. Girlan is a typical wine village with its original character and numerous wineries. The hamlets of Schreckbichl, Montiggl, Frangart, Unterrain, Missian, Perdonig and Gaid also have their share of sights and beautifully built houses. It is well known that you can live well there and forget about every day life.

The official centre of Eppan is St Michael.
A walk through the arcades is a must with a stop at one of the many cafes to relax. Whilst walking around you will remains of times gone by, manor houses, castles and much more. Exhibitions are arranged on a regular basis on the ground floor of Prielhof. Other attractions include the Castle Tournament and Pentecost market, riding for children, market kitchen, and summer festivals such as the Paulser Dorffest, Girlan Cellar Festival, and concerts in the castles. We can assure you, there is something for everyone.

Discover the countryside and the people
We invite you on a round trip through tradition and culture. South Tyrol is characterised by numerous pictures of countryside, from the rocky mountain peaks to the narrow valleys and their mountain farms and pastures, as well as the forests and crystal clear mountain lakes.

The heart of the country is in the south, the largest wine growing area. The rolling hills provide the best conditions for vines.

Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate, lemons, palms and our well-known quality wines ripen to perfection.

Appiano and Caldaro

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