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Founded 1958 this year the hotel have the 55 anniversary

Ansitz Angerburg was build 1608 as a nobility residence. Originally founded as a homestead, is was renovated in the opulent Oltradige style. The owners came from a small town in Prussia (Poland today) named Angerburg. The most ancient part of the house was build in the 13th century and was property of the monastery Enn of Bavaria.

In the 18th century the house came to property of the Von Dellemann family. In the 19th century the residence was acquired by the family Von Mackowitz. Maria Andergassen widowed Von Mackowitz, handed it down 1944 to Romana Andergassen. She, together with her husband Anton Gutmann, established the hotel Ansitz Angerburg on 8th March 1958. First, equipped with just a few small rooms, the hotel was renovated constantly and purchased by the Obletters in 1994. Jonas Obletter and his wife Anita fell in love with the place and the huge mount of different flowers, and set up so the Garden Hotel Ansitz Angerburg, which still today is continued by Jonas and his daughter Tatjana.

The Oltradige style of the residence:
In our region you will find a lot of residences or buildings which are decorated in an very elegant style. They all derive from 1600 and show a lot of similarities. In the house one can see clearly the symetric disposition of the rooms around a grand hall. The rectangular windows are placed in regolar distances and framed simply with stone, whereas the windows of the central hall are round arched with opulent stone frames. The old halls can still be visited.

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